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In the Pre-school room children, whilst still needing emotional and physical support from staff, progressively become more independent: learning many self-help skills and making their own choices. The children are able to choose the toys and activities they wish to access and move around the room freely. They are self-serving at mealtimes and assist with mealtime management. The children are taught to be responsible for their own belongings and to respect otherís belongings. They learn where things are meant to be placed.

The children transition into the preschool room at around 36 months old and stay with us until they leave to go to school.

Preschool is divided up into different areas for the children to enhance their learning and development. There is a messy area for malleable and creative play. A graphics area for the development of fine motor skills such as cutting and pencil control. A mathematics table for working with numbers, shapes and measures. A large story/cosy area for looking at books and using props to build on storytelling. A role play area for supporting the children’s imagination which is regularly adapted to meet the interests of the children.

The staff ensure enriching environments are created for the children throughout the day as well as opportunities for child led play.

In Pre-School, the children are introduced to literacy through phonics, rhyme and song. Staff facilitate a language rich environment.

Children share key learning activities with the Crescent School Reception class children and social events with the whole school. These activities include story time, drama, fundraising, sports and Forest School.


KB: "This nursery truly is amazing and deserves recognition in its own right. Your staff are second to none. So pleased my daughter goes here"