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Partnerships with Parents and the wider community

At Pathfinders nursery, each child is allocated a key person who is responsible for ensuring that the needs of individual children in their group of key children are met while in nursery. For example, through key observations of a child’s play, their interests and learning progress, also through discussion with parents, the key person identifies the best approach to support the next steps in a child’s play and learning. Key practitioners are supported by a key person “buddy” who assumes this role in the absence of the key person. Both familiarise themselves with the child’s family, the child’s individual dietary needs and other personal and physical routines such as normal rest and sleep times. They share this knowledge with the rest of the team so that others who are supporting children’s learning within the team (for example, during group activities led by a different practitioner) are aware of needs and preferences of individual children. A key person is responsible for monitoring and recording developmental progress and achievement of early learning goals and for sharing this information with parents through our web-based learning journal and “Parentzone” app.

At Pathfinders nursery, we organise staffing so that wherever possible, the key person will be the first point of contact when parents leave their child at nursery and collect them at the end of the day.

Partnerships with Parents

We love it when parents and families join us for various events and activities during the year. Our children too really get excited when they can share their experience of nursery with their families.

Because we see that children and parents benefit from social interactions at Pathfinders Nursery, we seek to develop and maintain strong partnership with parents and families in a variety of ways:

• The key person system
• Regular updates on children’s progress through “Parentzone” and written records of progress, including a personal scrap-book showing learning progress
• Formal meetings with parents on request
• Parents in Partnership meetings once every term
• There are two “Parent Ambassadors” who represent the views of parents and support and empower parents to contribute their own ideas for staff to reflect on for quality purposes.
• e-mail communication
• Regular electronic newsletters and bulletins
• Notice boards and information in the nursery entrance
• Facebook parents’ page (closed group for parents that sign up)
• Stay and play sessions are offered throughout the year, including messy play, vegetable planting and tea parties in the gardens
• Open days and social events for families, including Spring Summer and Autumn fetes
• Sports day, theatre productions and open days for older children that are shared with the school

Partnerships in the Community

At Pathfinders we have forged a strong relationship with many service providers in the community:

As part of their cooking activities, children shop for local produce so that they can learn about where food is sourced and purchased and how to use the ingredients for cooking

The children visit the local dental surgery to find out about keeping teeth healthy and what dental surgeries are like

Every other week our nursery practitioners take a group of children to share activities with local residents of a care home. Here, they can access the communal lounge where they share stories and songs; they create pictures and collages in the art room; they explore the gardens and plant seeds. The benefits of this activity is proven by research to be innumerable. Both the elderly residents and the children look forward to our visits where the old and young connect in ways that is wonderful to observe, yet not easy to explain. We have also welcomed some of the more able residents to join us at nursery for coffee mornings and our fayres.