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In Acorns room, we provide an environment for children from 6 months old that is as close to home as it is possible to be in a nursery. Making children feel secure and loved is essential to ensure their happiness and development. We believe learning happens naturally through children’s play. We actively provide resources and activities that encourage the babies in their eagerness to absorb the world around them.

The children in Acorns usually join us at around 6 months old and stay with us until they are developmentally ready for a toddler room environment (usually around 20 months). Ratios of staff to children within the baby room often exceed one adult to three children.

The Acorns room is designed for a small group (maximum of 8) as it is believed that developing babies benefit from a more homely and nurturing environment.

Acorns is divided into two exploratory play spaces. We have a carpeted area where the children can choose books, explore small world toys and a sensory area containing heuristic and sensory resources including musical instruments.

We have a washable floor area for children to experience a wide range of messy, malleable and creative activities.

At Pathfinders we promote outdoor learning on a daily basis whether it be going for a walk or exploring the gardens. We encourage babies to play outdoors throughout the year allowing them to explore their environment during different seasons and weathers.

Learning in the outdoors is educational with staff taking resource bags on walks to extend children’s understanding of the world around them.